A list of terms and definitions to help you get the most out of your experience with Generaitiv.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

The replication of human cognitive processes and abilities by machines.

AI Model (Image generation)

An AI trained on a large dataset of images to generate new images similar to the training data. Trained AI models can be used for tasks such as style transfer, super-resolution, or generating completely new, unseen images.


A decentralized, digital system that securely maintains a record of cryptocurrency transactions across a network of connected computers.

Blockchain Address

A unique digital identifier for your wallet in a blockchain network, used for secure transfer of assets in and out. It is represented by a public key that identifies your wallet with a string of characters.

Crypto Wallet

A digital or physical storage device for cryptocurrency, used to securely access and transfer assets. It includes a private key for accessing the wallet and a public key that serves as the wallet's address. The private key should be kept confidential and is used as a password for accessing the wallet.


The primary cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, used for transactions and available for purchase though cryptocurrency exchanges. It can be converted into other currencies such as WETH for greater transaction flexibility.


The native token of the Generaitiv ecosystem, serving as a store of value, funding AI advancements, and offering perks to token holders. $GAI was created with a fixed supply of 10,000,000 tokens.

Gas Fee

A fee paid in GWEI (subunits of ETH) to process a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, with price determined by network congestion levels.

Gasless Minting

A cost-saving method of NFT creation where NFTs are published on a marketplace without being minted to the blockchain, until the moment of purchase when the buyer covers the minting fees.

Inference steps

The number of steps taken to generate an image. More steps = more fine details = takes longer. Less steps = less details = shorter render time.

Minting Fee

The fee required to add an NFT to the blockchain, which can be paid by the artist when they create the item, or by the buyer when they purchase it if it was gaslessly minted.

Negative Prompt

A set of terms to inform the AI model, items or features you would like to exclude from the render.

NFT - Non Fungible Token

A unique digital asset stored on a blockchain, used to represent ownership of items such as images, audio files, and more. Unlike fungible cryptocurrencies, each NFT is unique and holds unique data, making it one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable.

NFT Collection

A curated set of NFTs created/minted and organized within a single smart contract and presented together.


A question or set of instructions provided to an AI model to generate a response, or creative output. It serves as a starting point for the AI to generate content based on its training data.


The raw output (image/video) of a provided prompt to an AI model.


The process of confirming transactions on the blockchain through the use of digital signatures.


A number to help guide the AI where and what to begin the render on. This number is often random, and changing the number will yield different results even with the same prompt.

Seed image

A piece of art used as inspiration for a render. Usually in combination with a prompt.


A term describing web-based activities, services, and communities connected to blockchain technology.

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