Token Gated Features

Your guide to Generaitiv's premium features


The term token gate refers to a mechanism implemented by Generaitiv to grant token holders and NFT collectors special access to our premium features. Through token gating, we reward users who have collected art or purchased tokens on-platform and incentivize new community members to participate in our ecosystem.

Which features are token gated?

Image to Image

All generations which include an image as input will be token gated. This feature requires the lowest amount of token-gate value to use, allowing for most community members to easily qualify.

Text to Video

All generations using models available through the text to video tab will have a medium token-gate value, incentivizing community members to purchase GAI tokens, collect NFTs from on-platform artists or participate in staking to qualify.

Text to Audio

All generations using text to audio models will have our large token gate applied. As a feature, text-to-audio provides a great platform for on-ramping new holders, encouraging holders to stake and promote NFT sales on-platform.

Model Training

Generaitiv's model training feature has an x-large token gate applied. This feature allows users to tune their own high resolution stable diffusion model on sample imagery provided. Trained models can be sold on-platform just like prompt packs, and when purchased are available for use by the purchaser.


The Download feature has an xx-large token gate applied. This feature provides the ability to download generated content directly from the generate page.

How does token gating work?

In order to access token gated features you must meet one or more of the below requirements.

Sufficient GAI balance

You must hold the minimum amount of GAI required by the feature you're attempting to access in your wallet. Exceeding the minimum amount is recommended to ensure no rounding errors.

ZK holds 300 GAI tokens in his wallet. He has 300 GAI worth of held token value to use for accessing token-gated features.

Sufficient Staked GAI

You must stake a sufficient amount of GAI required by the feature you are attempting to access. Staked GAI is considered more valuable than held GAI, and as a result tokens that are staked are calculated at 1.5X the value of held tokens as shown in the chart below.

Cob stakes 200 GAI tokens and is now able to access any token gated feature with a minimum at or below 200 GAI tokens.

On-Platform NFT Purchase

You must spend a minimum amount of ETH on NFTs using the Generaitiv marketplace as required by the feature you are attempting to access. A cumulative sum of all NFTs purchased on-platform is used.

Vitalik purchases one NFT on Generaitiv for 0.01Ξ and another for 0.02Ξ. He has 0.03Ξ in NFT value which can be used for accessing token-gated features. Based on the chart below, he can access Image to Image and Text to Video, but not Text to Audio.

What are the minimum amounts for each feature?

* Staked GAI minimums are rounded up to avoid decimals. For exact values, multiply standard GAI amounts by 2/3.


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